Storyteller • Blogger • Editor 


I’m a tea-drinking, plant-loving, wordsmith with a passion for stories. 

I have been a freelance writer since 2014. I still remember my first five-star review back in high school.

When I went to college, I started with a major in agricultural economics but realized I could never stop writing. I decided to switch things up. In 2019 I graduated with two bachelor's of science, one in agribusiness and one in agricultural communications. I was also fluent in Mandarin Chinese, but that is a story for another time.

After college I got married and took on a “normal” job (whatever that is). But could not kick my “writing bug.” I slowly gained more clients as I worked multiple other jobs and hustled hard.  I had to share stories. 

A lot has changed since I started, but something that will never change is my dedication to creating quality work for my clients. I love helping people and brands connect to their audience through unique, genuine and exciting stories. 

That’s my story, what’s yours? I want to hear it and tell the world. Let’s work together to develop your brand, raise your bottom line and tell people how amazing you are.